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Bali, being one of the world's most famous holiday destinations and tropical islands has enjoyed a massive increase of foreign investment into tourist related private Bali business ventures during 2017. Global investment firms and market experts view Indonesia's promising business environment, robust economic outlook, political stability, with a government keen to pursue business-friendly foreign investment policy, being the main reasons that Bali Indonesia is seen as a major foreign investment destination within the emerging markets.

Many of our recent PT/PMA Bali Business Registration clients have advised us that a weaker Indonesian currency (USD/IDR13,540.000 at time of writing), also encouraged them to start their long planned Bali business dream/adventure. With an increasing hawkish tone from The Federal Reserve or Fed indicating a tightening of monetary policy and program of interest rate hikes in December 2017 and throughout 2018, many foreign nationals are taking advantage of the weaker Indonesian currency to fund their Bali Business Investments and buy cheaper business assets.

During the last quarter of 2017 we received a record number of enquires from foreign nationals seeking to invest in Bali and open new Bali restaurants, BalI spas, Bali accommodations, Bali import/export operations and Bali boutique/retail outlets. A weaker currency has proved to be a bonanza for foreign nationals investing in Bali business and has led to a dramatic increase in Bali visitor arrivals also taking advantage of a weaker currency and great forex exchange rates. The combination of a weak currency and increased visitor numbers is a win-win for foreign national's currently setting-up new Bali business operations and existing Bali business owners.

In the short to medium term we see an excellent opportunity to maximise value for any Bali business investment by foreign nationals. The current exchange rates for IDR mean that the Indonesian currency can be purchased at discount. This in turn leads to increased buying power and lower costs for property, leases, assets, promotions and even business staffing and running costs. In recent months we have seen exchange rates reach almost USD/IDR13,600 and this may rise higher in the coming months.

However, the weak currency hurts importers, so the government has been selling USD currency reserves to support the IDR. With the dramatic increase in both Bali business investors and tourist spending, combined with government currency exchange rate interventions, we see the time to exploit this opportunity as limited. Unless The Central Bank of the United States were to follow a more aggressive than anticipated program of interest rate hikes over the coming years, we are expecting the Indonesian currency to strengthen to atleast USD/IDR12,500 by the end of 2018.

We invite any persons looking to invest in an exciting Bali business opportunity in 2018 to contact us for more information regarding the many profitable Bali business opportunities and investments. 2018 might just prove to be one of the best years ever for foreign national Bali business investment, as record numbers of private investors are keen to stake their claim on Bali's ever growing success as one of the world's most desirable life style and holiday destinations.

If you are already on Bali please contact us to arrange to greatly benefit from our FREE Bali Business/Immigration Consultation Service. Our Bali Business consultations are designed to be intensely informative and educate in detail regarding the many excellent Bali business opportunities in Bali, but also the very real potential dangers that await the unprepared. Learn of legal obligations and vital Bali business and asset security measures. We may also greatly contribute to your Bali business plan in a number of ways, including analyzing your competitors, suppliers and proposed operations if your intended Bali business model is within our knowledge and experience.

BANK ACCOUNTS: Foreign nationals on Bali requiring Indonesian Bank Accounts, please contact us for USD/IDR private/business bank accounts direct in your name. Call us today for more information.

For Bali business ideas we recommend reading Dream or Fantasy and browse our Bali Directory to find many successful foreign owned Bali Businesses already delivering great profits and great life styles to their owners (come join them).

We strive to offer the most comprehensive Bali legal services to foreign nationals seeking legal compliance for foreign owned Bali business operations and secure investment and asset protection. We are one of the oldest established law and business consultants on the island, to be fully licensed Bali Business Service and we are fully government registered.

Our main focus of business is serve foreign nationals with incorporated PT/PMA Bali Company formations and Bali business registrations. We perform the complicated, but vital process of obtaining the various government department approvals that make up the company Bali business license and Bali business operation permits. Our comprehensive PT/PMA Bali Company/License package includes, Bali company formation (AKTA), business operational licencing, IMB (office registration), office/shop rental contracts, tax compliance (avoidance), company/private bank accounts (USD/IDR), unlimited business visas for owners/partners (kitas visa optional) and ongoing client support.

However, our client's also can take advantage of many value added Bali business services for no extra charges, these include valuable Bali business research and start-up/creation help. This can include property/office/home search, competitor study, supplier research, recruitment/interviews, legal contracts, police/immigration representation/defence and additional help on demand, including the use of our Bali import/export agency permits.

BEWARE OF IMITATIONS: Beware of unlicensed Bali business 'agents' offering Bali legal and Bali company formation services. While some Bali business agents do infact use licensed legal providers to provide services, to increase their commissions they often quote low fees and demand additional fees from their clients to complete services. The service they provide for their low fees is normally only an AKTA. We no longer provide services to such Bali business agents due to such misleading sales practises.

We supply legal client service contracts that confirm services to be provided and service fees AND guarantee that NO EXTRA FEES will be asked for under any circumstances. We confirm time frame for service completion and compensation if we don't meet completion dates.

PT Company from IDR30,000.000 & PMA IDR50,000.000

References available on demand!

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