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Free Sponsorship Bali Visa Service for all our clients. We can produce government approved full sponsorship for Business/Social/Kitas/Retirement visas and provide a reliable and secure express pick-up/return Bali visa extension service

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On Bali - BALI VISA EXTENSION SERVICE: For immediate response and service call:
For Bali Visa Extension Service call before 12pm for free sameday Monday-Saturday passport collection service at your home/hotel. We provide an Express Bali Visa Extension Service and fast passport return to your home/hotel. For BEST price and BEST service call today: (Our Bali Visa Extension Service includes full passport security guarantee, including upto USD1,000.00 loss insurance cover and express replacement)

Outside Bali - BALI VISA SERVICE: For individuals and families wishing to spend longer then two months and the option to stay on Bali for upto six months, we provide full sponsorship social visas for stays from two to six months. For persons wishing to explore Bali business opportunities or conduct buying trips, we supply full company sponsorship for a six month single entry business visa and a multiple entry twelve month business visa (Both our social and business visa sponsorship packages include immigration/police protections and defence should any persons on our visas be interrogated). For KITAS VISA (Working visa) click here

IMPORTANT: Please note that NO visas are available once on Bali (Other then 30 day tourist visas). Please contact us in advance for longer stays and Bali business visas or call us on: +62(0)87750652324 for Tourist Bali Visa Extension service.

Please contact us to learn about current Bali visa regulations and the most suitable Bali visa for your needs and all Bali visa options. Whether you intend to vacation/retirer/work/long-stay or do business on Bali we can provide secure and legal Bali visa options that will ensure you are not risking harsh immigration penalties and guarantee a hassle free stay on Bali.

If you are already on Bali and require a business/tourist/social visa extensions we provide a reliable, fast and secure Bali visa extension service. Call us today to arrange passport collection and we shall extend your visa with the immigration office and return your passport to your home/hotel or office. IMPORTANT: Please note that the only tourist visas (VOA) that are extendable are the payable-extendable visas. Free tourist visas (free VOA) cannot be extended, you MUST leave Bali after 30 days. If you may wish to stay longer on Bali be sure to purchase an extendable Bali tourist visa (extendable VOA) at the Bali airport.

WARNING: It is classed as a very serious offence with severe penalties to be working illegally on Bali, without the correct Bali business license and Bali visa. Please contact us via email/phone for free information and complete solutions to legally and securely work and profit from running a business on Bali.

Bali Visa Classes and Fees 
(Our Bali visa fees are fully inclusive, unlike many Bali Visa Agents that often add-on extra charges. Our Bali Visa Service includes full company sponsorship, all government charges and includes police and immigration representation and defense in the event of any inspection/interrogation)

Bali Social Visa:

The Bali Social Visa allows for persons to visit Bali for social, non commercial reasons. The social Bali visa is idea for non-business related visits and persons intending to stay on Bali longer than the one month tourist visa allowance or wanting the option to extend the visa for a stay up to six months.

Rp 350.000 - 2 months
Rp 2.800.000 - 6 months

Bali Business Visa:

The Bali Business Visa is the right choice for any business related visits to Bali. Non-working activities, like research, consultations and buying trips. This visa can ONLY be used for non-paid or income generating work when issued from the visa bearer's own PT/PMA Company, that has secured the correct operational Bali business licenses and office registrations.

Rp 1.000.000- 02 months
Rp 3.500.000 - 06 months
Rp 4.000.000 - 12 months (multiple entry/exit)

Bali Working Visa (Kitas):

The Kitas working visa is the only Bali visa that allows working for profit or the running of a Bali business for personal profit. This Bali visa is idea for persons seeking long-term security and residence on Bali. Business assets, property, vehicles and bank accounts can be directly held in the name of the Bali visa holder. Foreign nationals can also avoid hefty foreigner surcharges, from tourist admission rates to healthcare (uninsured foreign nationals pay at least 100% surcharges in private/government hospitals on all other Bali visa classes).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Kitas visas from shelf companies do NOT offer the above legal Bali business operation rights, or the legal right to work for profit. A Kitas visa is ONLY legal when the PT/PMA Company it's issued from has the correct Bali business/operational licenses and office/shop/location registrations.

Rp 8.000.000 - 12 months

Bali Retirement Visa:

This Bali visa is for persons over 55 years of age seeking to retire/reside on Bali. The visa enjoys all of the advantages of a Kitas visa, excluding the right to work for personal profit. Our Bali Retirement Visa package includes full sponsorship and all government required support documents.

Rp 9.500.000

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