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Starter Business Package - IDR 2,950.000

The starter package may be our lowest priced Bali business marketing option, however it still delivers Bali business owners powerful features and an effective Bali business marketing solution when also listed within our Bali business directory. Hosted by one of America's leading webhosting companies, including a business domain from one of the world's best registrars. This low cost, but high quality Bali website marketing and hosting package comes with features normally only available from high priced business marketing plans.

A complete Internet marketing package specially produced for Bali business owners and Bali business marketplace. Offering existing small Bali business owners a viable marketing solution to improve and create new business success via the Internet locally or worldwide. This low priced, but high quality online Bali marketing plan delivers the small Bali business owner huge marketing potential at unmatched value for money.
Small Business Package - IDR 4,950.000

Developed especially for the small Bali business and new Bali business owner/operator. This small Bali business marketing package delivers more features and flexibility, well suited to the needs of new and existing Bali business operations. This high quality website marketing and hosting package offers more designed pages, information updates, space and manual submissions to business directories & search engines. Hosted by one of America's leading web hosting companies and a business domain from one of the world’s best registrars.

A comprehensive online business marketing package, offering Bali business owners a very effective solution to achieve and increase business success via the Internet both locally and worldwide. High quality Bali business marketing plan with huge sales potential at unmatched value for money.
Standard Business Package - IDR 6,950.000

The ideal online Bali marketing platform for Bali businesses wanting to display a large online catalog or range of products or services. Our very popular standard Bali business package is ideally suited to the needs of business with a large number of products and services to promote, like that of Bali furniture, handicraft dealers/exporters and garment/fashion traders or Bali travel/tour agents and sellers. This high quality Bali website design and hosting package offers even more designed (SEO) pages and space, idea for such businesses needing to promote multiple product options and services to maximize sales reach. Hosted by one of America's leading web hosting companies and a domain from one of the world’s best registrars.
A truly powerful Bali marketing business package, offering a heavyweight business sales solution designed to develop new markets and business growth success via online platforms locally and worldwide. Massive business and sales potential and our normal outstanding value for money.
Prime Business Package - IDR 9,950.000

Our Prime Bali business website product, focused on the highlighting of sales promotions and onsite and offsite marketing techniques. We believe that our prime Bali business package is comparable or better than any high level online marketing service, with incorporated search optimized methods and techniques available anywhere in the world today. Clients signing up for our most successful Bali business marketing service enjoy direct access to our dedicated web designers and online marketing professionals, that only serve and work towards the ongoing success of our prime business marketing clients. The most powerful online marketing methods, techniques, features, including a full-time dedicated team of web design professionals is reserved only for our prime business marketing package. Prime features include 16 hours of weekly onsite and offsite development, unlimited updates/changes and product/service updates.

This is our only marketing package that allows clients access to our online social media promotions, including weekly personalized business promotional emails to our 600,000 plus customer database and constantly updated list of pending Bali vacationers and visitors, requesting our current business promotions and discounts. Idea for Bali villa, Bali hotel, Bali accommodation businesses and Bali restaurants, Bali spas and Bali tour agents, looking to secure advance guest bookings and prepayments. Select this highly superior Bali business marketing package to achieve maximum online presence, the ultimate in search domination and to ensure your business promotions are ALWAYS THE FIRST to be seen ONLINE and via SOCIAL MEDIA AND DIRECT EMAIL MARKETING.

Well suited for all Bali business owners with needs for a large online catalog or range of products and services, seeking market domination. This unrivaled Bali marketing package offers unlimited (SEO) designed web pages and unmatched resources. Hosted by one of America's leading web hosting companies and a domain from one of the world’s best registrars. One of the most superior online/Internet business marketing packages currently available, including social media and direct email marketing promotions to achieve maximum business sales potential and high level marketing success for your Bali business.

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