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The sole purpose of promotional/marketing Bali business websites is to generate clients/customers that lead to SALES & PROFITS for their Bali business owners. However, almost all stand-alone, independent Bali business websites are finding it harder and harder to achieve sales. Even once very productive Bali business websites are producing less and less results, as sales continue to decline as time goes by. However, this is a natural consequence of ever increasing competition as more and more competing Bali businesses come online and fight for prime online exposure.

While declining internet leads and sales are nothing new for longterm online Bali business owners. The problem in the past could be solved by recruiting and paying for the services of talented and eager Bali website designers, whom would constantly add fresh relevant site content and ongoing onsite and offsite optimisation techniques, with the aim of allowing the Bali business website to obtain and maintain top positions in Bali business search results. However, this now takes bigger and bigger pockets and today in most cases sales will still decline rather then improve.

FOR THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN: A few years back we produced an independent marketing website for a ladies fashion and accessories retail outlet. The store is located within a shopping centre in the East End of London. Sally, the owner was desperate to increase her sales and income and was recommended to us by a friend, whom was very happy with our Bali website marketing service for her Bali, Seminyak retail outlet.

We produced a simple, yet visually appealing and search friendly (SEO) website promoting many of Sally's designs and products. We also gave site visitors the chance to take advantage of store discounts by printing out discount vouchers unique to the website. This is a simple, but very effective method to increase client sales and allows both us and the client to monitor how effectively our website marketing services are increasing their customer/client base and sales, everytime a discount voucher is presented. During ongoing site optimisation/updates and assessments, Sally informed us that on average only 10 or 12 website discount vouchers were presented at her store per month, but sales had improved almost 200%.

Some months later we were contacted by the head of marketing from Sally's shopping centre management. During a management/tenant meeting, Sally shared with the group how effective our website for Sally had been in increasing her sales. Due to Sally's very generous recommendation and subsequent negotiations with her shopping centre management team, we were contracted to produce a Shopping Centre Directory of their tenants's products and services. The directory includes a one page sales promotion for each business, including unique site discount vouchers and allows visitors to link directly to the businesses own website for further product information.

The shopping centre directory project has proved very rewarding for all parties. All listed businesses have reported increased email enquires and store sales involving the directory website discount vouchers. However, Sally informed us that since her website has been featured on the centre directory website, she has seen her store sales DOUBLE. We have since gone on to deliver the same excellent marketing results to many Bali clients using the same technique. Our Bali directory listings and discount promotions, feed high volumes of visitors to independent Bali business websites, dramatically improving sales.

THEN YOU BETTER START SWIMMIN' OR YOU'LL SINK LIKE A STONE: Whether you like it or not, Business Directory Websites (business/shopping/travel/services), are here to stay. More and more they will dominate the online search space. They are the Shopping Centres/Shopping Malls of the CyberWorld and they are will continue to DECIMATE the value of independent websites NO LESS, than what Shopping Centres and Malls did to traditional High Street retail stores.

Online Business Directory Websites have also succeeded in similar ways to their physical counterparts, the shopping centres. They showcase a large collection of creditable businesses in one location, catering for all vistor information, interests and product needs. Their collective power attracts massive website visitor numbers, that benefit every member in the directory.

FOR THE LOSER NOW WILL BE LATER TO WIN: The average small business website simply cannot compete with the huge influence and marketing power of online business directories. The vast incomes they collect in fees, commissions and sponsored promotions gives them unrivaled marketing budgets. They will ALWAYS dominate search results, whether acquired through AdWords payments or the efforts of some of the best 'in-house' web design experts on the planet.

To illustrate this point, Go to a Google Search Bar, Type in Bali Hotel. The results are:,,, (after AdWords). Google, even trys to help the small guy by listing a selection of less high profile search terms, but everyone knows where the action is.

COME GATHER 'ROUND PEOPLE (The Solution): Add your Bali business website to our BALI DIRECTORY for FREE. Our Bali Business Directory has been specifically developed to provide high profile online marketing solutions to all Bali Business Owners. Our Bali Business Directory business categories attracts almost 400,000 unique visitors every month, targeting the most common search terms used by visitors and tourists to Bali. Our Bali Business Directory visitors are BOOKING/BUYING/ORDERING the products & services from our listed Bali businesses, greatly improving their sales and profits.


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