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Working/Running a Business on Bali with a Kitas Visa, Business Visa or playing the ''When will I be locked-up and deported game''


There are less than 1500 Kitas visas issued yearly to Foreign Nationals working on Bali. However, the government estimates that there are well over 100,000 Foreign Nationals working and living on Bali at any one time. Indonesian registered PT/PMA Companies supply business visa sponsorship to well over 100,000 Foreign Nationals yearly. The numbers tell the story, but let's look at the risks.

It is a common known fact that the overwhelming majority of foreign nationals working and running business operations on Bali are NOT doing so on a kitas visa. However, NOT all of these persons working with no kitas working visa are illegal, however the majority are and are risking very serious legal consequences.

The foolish and reckless individuals working on Bali holding tourist or social visas carry the highest level of risk. Both police and immigration have exclusive departments charged with the task of seeking out and prosecuting illegally working foreign nationals. Officials from both departments have the right to arrest and detain any persons suspected of abusing visa rules and every week dozens of helpless offenders learn the hard way how cunning, effective and ruthless these officials are at getting results and successful prosecution outcomes.

Any persons that are considering working on Bali without the appropriate visa, I invite you to meet me at the Denpasar immigration office in Renon. I am often there on immigration related business. They have just installed a new, larger holding pen for foreign nationals being held for interrogation and ongoing investigations of illegally working. The need for this new larger pen was due to the fact they are catching ever increasing numbers of illegal workers. I'm sure that had those being held there been aware of their very likely fate and the very bad conditions suffered for those caught or suspected of illegally working, I'm sure they would have not taken such risks in the first place. They are very welcoming of visitors and gifts of cigarettes and food.

The fact is most expats and foreign nationals seek to avoid the cost of a Kitas Visa and the USD100.00 monthly tax payment that a Kitas Visa attracts. Most, while not foolhardy enough to run their Bali businesses with only a tourist or social visa in their passports. They think they have found the solution by obtaining a BUSINESS VISA! And some have indeed found the safe and secure solution to working without a Kitas Visa, BUT!

Most Bali Visa agent Business Visas are NOT LEGAL and offer no more protection than a tourist or social visa! That's because most Bali visa agent Business Visas are issued from unlicensed shelf companies. Visas from PT/PMA Companies that are not licensed to operate in the business fields of the bearer and their place of work/office/shop has not been registered under the company business license are ineffective AND ILLEGAL. Meaning that any simply visa validity test during a random visa inspection will show that they are illegally working and will face the same very negative consequences as above.

However, both a 6 month single entry Bali Business Visa and a 12 month multiple entry Bali Business Visa will allow you to conduct Bali Business activities (even working), if and only if the visa has been issued from a PT or PMA Company that holds the correct business license to allow such business activities and the places of work (office/other), are registered to the same company license. In most cases this is normally only possible if you own or produced the PT/PMA Company and obtained the correct business license/s and register your work locations.

While a Bali Business Visa from a fully licensed PT/PMA Company with appropriate business license and work location registrations allows flexible business activities, even the ability to work for the said PT/PMA Company, you cannot WORK FOR PAYMENT/SALARY! However, this is commonly overcome by having business incomes directed to PT/PMA Company bank accounts and NOT private personal accounts. To withdraw funds from a company bank account, rather than a personal account is to exploit the legal 'loophole' that allows work for no pay on a business visa.

If you are planning to live, work and profit on Bali, like so many before you, the above information is of vital importance and hopefully will ensure you someday soon will see Bali as 'Paradise' and not something very different! Please contact us to arrange a Bali Business Consultation TODAY!

Bali Visa Classes and Fees
(Our Bali visa fees are fully inclusive, unlike many Bali Visa Agents that often add-on extra charges. Our Bali Visa Service includes full company sponsorship, all government charges and includes police and immigration representation and defense in the event of any inspection/interrogation)

Bali Social Visa:

The Bali Social Visa allows for persons to visit Bali for social, non commercial reasons. The social Bali visa is idea for non-business related visits and persons intending to stay on Bali longer than the one month tourist visa allowance or wanting the option to extend the visa for a stay up to six months.

IDR350.000 - 2 months
IDR2.800.000 - 6 months

Bali Business Visa:

The Bali Business Visa is the right choice for any business related visits to Bali. Non-working activities, like research, consultations and buying trips. This visa can ONLY be used for non-paid or income generating work when issued from the visa bearer's own PT/PMA Company, that has secured the correct operational business licenses and office registrations.

IDR1.000.000 - 02 months
IDR3.500.000 - 06 months
IDR4.000.000 - 12 months (multiple entry/exit)

Bali Working Visa (Kitas):

The Kitas working visa is the only Bali visa that allows working for profit or the running of a Bali business for personal profit. This visa is idea for persons seeking long-term security and residence on Bali. Business assets, property, vehicles and bank accounts can be directly held in the name of the visa holder. Foreign nationals can also avoid hefty foreigner surcharges, from tourist admission rates to healthcare (uninsured foreign nationals pay at least 100% surcharges in private/government hospitals on all other visa classes).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Kitas visas from shelf companies do NOT offer the above legal Bali business operation rights, or the legal right to work for profit. A Kitas visa is ONLY legal when the PT/PMA Company it's issued from has the correct business/operational licenses and office/shop/location registrations.

IDR8.000.000 - 12 months

Bali Retirement Visa:

This visa is for persons over 55 years of age seeking to retire/reside on Bali. The visa enjoys all of the advantages of a Kitas visa, excluding the right to work for personal profit. Our Bali Retirement Visa package includes full sponsorship and all government required support documents.


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