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Welcome to your preferred legal Bali business services partner for government approved legal Bali business registrations, PT Bali company registrations, all Bali Visa & Bali Visa extension services and the most cost effective Bali business marketing solutions online for all Bali business owners seeking to increase profits.

Bali Business Service & Bali PT Company Registration Service: Bali has long since attracted Bali business investment from foreign nationals around the world. Most are attracted to the vibrant Bali tourism sector that continues to expand and with it the many exciting Bali business investment opportunities to profit from. Tourism being the largest employer and most diverse by far Bali business investment market, having enjoyed decades of major investment and development now has all the common multinational corporations investing in Bali. However, interestingly it was the small and private Bali business investors that first discovered Bali and the first to understand the future potential of Bali long before the big multinationals and it's the small Bali business investors that even today continue to develope and profit the most from this world famous island dollar for dollar through Bali business.

It should also be of great interest for the smaller Bali business investor that Bali is today seeing most investment and development within the budget or low cost destination realm. Even big investors and most multinationals are today investing to cater to the budget traveller to Bali. That is because today the highest visitor numbers no longer come from Australia, but from China and it should be noted they are even more price sensitive then Australians, whom have long since looked for value for money accommodations, tours, entertainment and food and beverage outlets.

For some years now the bulk of Bali business accommodation investments have been small low cost Bali hotels and Bali guest houses, with private Bali villas being the most popular of all, not luxury Bali resorts that once enjoyed the bulk of Bali accommodation and Bali vacation stay bookings, at least in dollar terms. Most Australians and almost all Chinese (Australian and Chinese nationals are the top two visitor groups to Bali), visitors to Bali stay in these low cost Bali hotels, guest-houses and lower end private Bali villa rentals.

The same can be said about Bali food and beverage outlets, as in it's the low cost or perceived value for money food outlets or cheaper Bali restaurants that receive most visitor spending on F&B. Just take a walk along any popular strip in any of the well know Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Kuta and Sanur tourist destinations and you will see just how Bali visitor spending budgets are very much at work. You will notice that the more expensive the food outlet the less people will be seated at their tables, while the cheaper outlets are often overflowing and fall. This point is also made clear using a review site like, most posts rate value over any other factor. Most Bali businesses holding the prized highest rankings are not lavish fine dinning restaurants enjoying prime locations, but rather low cost, often tiny streetside food outlets providing tasty great value for money meals and service.

I know of a tiny Bali pizza shop (at the time of writing it's No1 on Tripadvisor under Nusa Dua restaurants), operating out of a small roadside shop that would have cost the foreign owner no more then six hundred dollars a year (renting direct from owner, not agents who can double rents in some cases). Yet, whenever I have been there to enjoy their tasty pizza the six or so tables are often full, there are often people waiting for a table and a constant stream of customers collecting their take-away pizza. This small, but very successful Bali restaurant is a perfect example of a small Bali business investment achieving big returns for it's owner. Another well known shoestring Bali pizza restaurant can be found in sanur, again delivering the Italian owner plenty of dole for his garlic bread and pizza, whom has achieved a great income for a very small Bali business investment operating again out of a very low-cost local shop.

Perhaps one of the most successful of the smaller Bali business investments into the tourist aimed food outlet market is arguably not even a true tourist focused business at all. That's because it caters for local diners as much as tourists, by simply offering a good mix of local foods and foreign favorites at prices more inline with local restaurants as opposed to higher priced and solely tourist focused restaurants and they are well rewarded with packed restaurants. It should be noted that most visitors to Bali are very keen to try local Balinese or Indonesian foods, so it's a very clever Bali business model to supply low cost, locally available Balinese/Indonesian delicacies and the higher priced, often imported western norms to their guests.

The above Bali business investment models could easily be reproduced for a business investment of less then just ten thousand dollars and that includes secure legal ownership, with a legal Bali business license and Bali company registration and even one year fully paid up rent. We can produce as part of our Bali business service a wide range of Bali business licensing, including full PT Company registration, secure client bank accounts (company and private USD/IDR), tax compliance, secure legal contracts and ongoing client support from just Rp30,000.000. We offer the lowest price Bali business registration, Bali business license & Bali company formation service on Bali.

However, if a profitable Bali restaurant is not your thing or your looking to invest even less money to start a Bali business and enjoy the much sought after and prized Bali topical life-style, how about a new career as a Bali Wedding Planner. Today Bali is firmly one of the world's most popular wedding destinations. Considering the popularity of Bali as a dream wedding location and the high number of international weddings that take place on Bali every month, you may be surprised to learn that there are barely a handful of wedding planners/organisers operating on Bali. And yet even more interesting is that two of the most successful Bali wedding planner busineses can only be described as shoestring Bali business operations. One is located in a quiet Sanur lane in a tiny 4x5 meter room/shop and the other is operating within an even smaller room rented from a cheap back street Kuta hotel.

However, both of the above shoestring French and Australian owned Bali Wedding Planner businesses host a Bali wedding almost every week costing anywhere from five thousand to one hundred thousand dollars a time. The Bali business of Wedding Planner/arranger is a prefect example of how a shoestring or low cost Bali business investment that can generate big returns for Bali business investors. Bali wedding planners here all use the same well known wedding event suppliers and venues. Their main challenge is to match suppliers and venue to client expectations and budget for which they collect very generous commissions/mark-ups and client fees. This is an area of business in Bali that is remarkably still very much undeveloped.

So, do you want to start a business in Bali. What Bali business will you profit from. Have you got what it takes to become the next successful, even famous, even loved Bali wedding planner of tomorrow. Just as Bali visitor numbers continue to grow, so do the number of yearly Bali wedding events. You would need some people skills, as you would be dealing with families and friends all heavily invested both financially and emotionally in celebrating the happiest of days for the happy couple. Are you, as their selected Bali wedding planner going to deliver their long dreamed Bali wedding desires and expectations for their loved ones to go home with unforgettable memories of that dream Bali wedding day.

Just before you start to panik and feel overwhelmed at such a responsibility you would do well to know these simply facts. Most Bali weddings take place at the same well known collection of venues, chapels and beachside locations. Most Bali wedding parties/receptions take place at the same well known food and beverage venues. Most Bali wedding events involve the exact same venues and suppliers, that have developed very professional, sophisticated products and services that would rival any similar providers worldwide. Each supplier and venue has an army of some of the best service professionals, all highly experienced and highly trained to deliver very high quality products and people services. Perhaps this one feature alone would have been enough to make Bali one of the best wedding destinations in the world today, not to mention the natural tropical beauty, unique culture and warm friendly people of this island destination.

It is because of the above reasons that the two very successful foreign owned Bali wedding planner businesses mentioned earlier are infact both one-women Bali business operations. They both employ just ONE assistant and yet they arrange and manage wedding events often catering for hundreds of guests. A Bali wedding planner's job is simply to promote and inform their clients of the venue options and costs (including their fees, but not of their nice extra back-end venue/supplier commissions) and to coordinate the happy event on the day to some degree, much like a conductor coordinates an orchestra.

One important element that has allowed foreign nationals to profit greatly from their Bali wedding planner business or Bali wedding agent services, is that their clients enjoy and feel extra secure dealing with fellow citizens. This is very much a deciding factor for selecting their Bali wedding planner and a major confidence builder. No one wants to get 'Lost in Translation' confirming important details pertaining to their dream Bali wedding day. This is why the Australian and French Bali wedding planners discussed here both predominantly cater to their own nationals and ensure their promotions back home do so well (where do you come from).

Profit driven Bali wedding planners offer a long list of add-ons, such as wedding gifts, Bali tours, spa treatments and accommodation options all designed to profit further from wedding guests in the mood to spend money and also enjoy their own holiday in Bali while at the same time attending the main Bali wedding event. The rewards are very rewarding both financially and emotionally. How would you feel being thanked by clients and guests congratulating you on having created and directed the best wedding event they have ever witnessed, not to mention being the focus of much love and attention from the happy couple and their families AND the ongoing ability to profit from their highly regarded recommendations of your amazing Bali wedding planner skills and services. However, In reality you are simply an agent promoting and selling the venues and services of well known, long established businesses catering to the Bali wedding trade AND being very well rewarded for your efforts.

The many great Bali business opportunities to be exploited on this unique tropical island are only limited by the imagination and budget of you the Bali investor. People have made their fortunes on Bali by bringing elephants (Bali elephant safari) and others just big dreams. Our role is to ensure your Bali business is legal and secure by obtaining the correct Bali business license and security for your investment by ensuring your Bali business and Bali investment is in your sole control. We allow you to focus on building/developing your Bali business and we deal with the complicated, but vital matter of Bali company formation and Bali business license, as part of our comprehesive legal Bali business service.

Whatever your Bali business dream or Bali business vision, we make sure you won't get 'Lost in Translation'. Whether you want to be the next loved Bali wedding planner, the owner of the newest Bali restaurant, the next Bali surf school, beach horse riding tour, Bali villa owner, Bali hotel owner or an Bali accommodation agent or if you have grander plans we can ensure your experience is positive and profitable. Don't risk your dreams, efforts and investment to legal or immigration problems that have crushed the dreams of many before you. Be smart, get legal, get secure by using our government approved and legal Bali business service for secure Bali investments and start living your dreams today, by contacting us TODAY!

FREE Bali Business Marketing & Bali Business Directory for all Bali Business Owners: If you have a commercial enterprise in Bali (Business in Bali), we can develop your Bali business and increase your market reach and profits for FREE. Our Bali business websites can attract in excess of 200,000+ visitors every month ready to book and buy our client's products and services. The people that visit our Bali business directory website are researching, planning and BOOKING/BUYING Bali accommodations, tours, restaurants, spa treatments, activities and business buyers are setting-up meetings/consultations long before they arrive on Bali. Can your Bali business afford not to be listed in our FREE Bali Business Directory.

Most Bali visitors are researching, enquiring and more importantly booking/buying Bali accommodations, products and services long before they enter Bali. Business buyers are setting-up business appointments/consultations long before they arrive on Bali. If you are not listed in our Bali business directory you are losing so many business opportuities to your competitors. The Bali businesses listed in our Bali business directory are maximising their market reach and greatly increasing their business profits because they have the chance to reach serious buyers before they arrive on Bali. This gains the listed Bali businesses in our Bali directory a huge competitive advantage, by allowing them to showcase their products and services and more importantly the ability to secure sales/orders/bookings for future business success. Contact us to list your Bali business in our Bali business directory for FREE TODAY!


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