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Lumbini Luxury Villa & Spa

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Lumbini Luxury Villas and Spa









Welcome to Lumbini Luxury Villas and Spa

An piece of paradise at Jimbaran
Set in the heart of Jimbaran, the rebranded Lumbini Luxury Villas and Spa now comes with 24 additional luxury suites villas. This is an expansion of the existing 24 Deluxe Villas. Our presence is solely the answer to the demand of travelers for a more ultimate privacy and comfort.

With a concept of integrated facilities, Lumbini Luxury Villas & Spa attempts to present the best to attain satisfaction of all guests. To give difference experience, a public pool is available adjacent to lobby apart from private pool in each villa unit. For your additional delights, the villas have been equipped with De Wantilan-restaurant, Jepun-spa outlet, fitness center, Lobby Lounge and spacious tropical backyard garden to relax. Despite sitting away from the beach, this luxury villa at Jimbaran can still offer beach activities through a beach club.

1. One Bedroom Deluxe Villas
Are you ready to boost your vivacity? This soothing hideaway nestled among elegant tropical gardens with an accent of bijou waterfall in front of living area will pamper your senses. Interior and exterior elements are designed tastefully and attractively to maximize your intimacy. The bedroom overlooking the pool will make it a perfect nuance for totally ultimate relaxation. Each villa is spread across 200 square meters covering a living area, dining area, private pool (2.5 m x 6.5 m) and gazebo.
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2. Two Bedroom Deluxe Villas
As a sublime seclusion, the two-bedroom villa is more convenient and spacious for guests traveling in a group or family. This condition enables you to always get in touch with family and maintain harmony. You have the right choice of a magical island hideaway that delights and indulges. For your comfort, the exterior and interior have been elegantly designed with perfect touch to meet every need.

Both bedrooms are separated by pool, while dining area and living area sits in front of pool (3.5 m x 6 m). Other facilities are nearly similar to the ones offered in one-bedroom villa, yet without gazebo. Then, all villas consist of king size with twin bed.

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3. One Bedroom Suite Villas
VEILED by frangipani and minimalist garden, our 19 one-bedroom villas (210 sqm each) offer utterly serene seclusion. It is truly fitting for honeymooner or those wishing an undisturbed hideaway as coming with ultimate privacy.

Lovely interiors featuring local ornament generates grandiose look and magnificence. Not only that, vivid touch of the room mixed with fractal-motif pillow and bedcover as well as wooden frame will pamper your senses. Then, wide bathtub, indoor shower and romantic bench at roomy bathroom may not be found elsewhere. Day bed and a pair of chic chair with table are available for your amazing holiday.

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4. Two Bedroom Suite Villas
FIND restful appeal of holiday living at Jimbaran. Calming down with tropical minimalist garden, your sleek and spectacular rooms at 4 two-bedroom suite villas on 315 sqm area each will be ready to hold your holiday passion.

Whether traveling with family or relatives, this suite villa can be a wise option. Rest assured that it will help you make for a pampering stay.
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5. Three Bedroom Suite Villas
IN case you need a three-bedroom, we can still arrange a restful suite villa by allocating three rooms at four-bedroom suite villa (one room locked) or assigning two-bedroom connected to one-bedroom villa within the same cluster.

Thus, you remain to get in close touch with family or friends or small group. Intimacy while being away is indeed irreplaceable because sharing happiness and togetherness become prominent.

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6. Four Bedroom Suite Villas
COMPRISING four separate suite villas, this unit is conveniently set across the area of 5,500 square meters. The landscape is carefully designed to reflect a Balinese compound characterized with tropical garden featuring coconut tree and frangipani.

Supporting facilities include a Balinese gazebo to unwind and spacious living and dining area (including kitchenette). Meanwhile, the pool measuring 4.5 m x 10 m is ready to pamper your desire to get splashed with family as it is also equipped with child pool.
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